Monday, 18 May 2015

Please note the change!

Dear readers,

It was a great journey with you all here. The posts are now shifted to a different location. Kindly visit the Blog section on my website for future posts.

Thank you for the continued motivation!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Ola Air creates a vacuum in the Hearts of Indians!

With the deep penetration of internet and advent of innovative Mobile Apps, today’s India has internet as a vital pillar of life. Things are not just restricted to Roti, Kapda & Makaan because smartphone with internet is becoming a household thing. I am no different. Like every morning, I woke up today with the buzz of WhatsApp and Twitter. Being in the BFSI industry, today is my new year and like an obedient employee, I woke up early. After all, if you wake up late on April 1, you will have a sleepless March 31 is what they say!

Today morning was different. I had 276 messages on WhatsApp and 14 mentions on Twitter. So before I could turn on the 7.30am news bulletin, there was already something big going on in the country! I woke up immediately rather than the daily lazing-and-waking-up! People had gone frenzy today. India’s biggest startup, Ola Cabs (, had introduced the Ola Air, a door-to-door helicopter service for just Rs.499 an hour! With a young demographic dividend with their higher disposable income, Indians today do not mind buying luxury at a little extra price. Ola Cabs has already captured the mindspace of young Indians and whatever they talk of is resonated. Ola Air, with no traditional TV or Print ads, had created a buzz and my friends were busy updating apps, tweeting, FBing & forwarding the Ola Air Video on WhatsApp.

Most of us would agree that travelling in a taxi was perceived a costly affair until the advent of Ola Cabs. We spent most of our lives commuting in Auto Rickshaws and fought with the auto drivers for longer routes taken, faster meters and rash driving. I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that Ola solved a problem that affected us all. Before Ola, the traffic saw jams with a lot of auto’s. Now, we see a flood of Ola Cabs in those traffic jams. If you happen to travel from Silk Board to Whitefield at 8am, you understand what I mean!

Team Ola knows that people have a time crunch today rather than the money crunch. “I do not have money” is sweetly replaced by “I do not have TIME!” Today morning, in just few minutes, people posted photos on social media with a view from the Ola Air Chopper. I remember friends quoting “Reached office in Ola Air. Hope it doesn’t become a daily habit”. Such thousands of photos, posts from highly followed bloggers, tweeters etc. just added to it going viral. The retweets on Ola’s twitter handle was like the cherry on a delicious vanilla cake.

I know that today is the 1st of April and it was their marketing gimmick. Ola Cabs would have surely seen a high word-of-mouth, upsurge in bookings, more downloads and all those accomplishments which they wanted from this mind-boggling strategy. But the mind doesn't understand this – it doesn’t get convinced to this being a fooling prank. And like me, the innumerable posts across the social media intend to convey only one thing – we WANT to travel this way! Not in 2040 or 2070, but NOW! Ola Air is the first step towards the future of travel. Team Ola has created a vacuum in the hearts of millions – a vacuum of an unfulfilled desire. A desire to fly to the office and saying “Boss! All the helipads were occupied today. I had to land seven buildings away” and the boss replies “That’s why I say, use Ola!”

Monday, 16 March 2015

Mind jailed in the phone!!

So after my article 2, friends and relatives got curious and asked me how was Ashish's reaction to what I told his dad. Well, let it be known later to all :) I decided to call Ashish at my place to tell him few stories which eventually put me in the memory-mode and him into a shock-mode.

Few months ago while I was doing my internship, I was half way through to the office when I suddenly realized that I wasn't carrying my mobile phone. Being in the bus I couldn't return back. My mind was flooded with millions of thoughts and I felt incomplete without the device. All I could see around were people playing games, forwarding messages on WhatsApp, and some listening to music while the rest watching videos on YouTube! To save myself from feeling useless, I tried to distract my mind. I thought of various things and wondered what life would have been without a mobile phone.

I recalled moments of my childhood when there were no cell phones and yet people connected with ease.  Telephone was a device common NOT to everyone in the house (or a colony). Five or Six digits meant a phone number, STD call meant richness and long duration calls were only a fantasy. I remembered phone numbers of practically everyone – distant chachi to the baniyawallah! When father bought a cordless phone, it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen! Imagine walking around the house with the phone, and still being able to talk!!! Trust me, if you weren't born in 1990’s, you wouldn't understand this feeling. I still remember posing with the first bought cordless phone in my balcony and getting views from the distant neighborhood. People would later ask me “Waah, cordless phone liya?”
When we used to get a phonecall, there was a huge smile on our faces. We would leave all our work and run for the phone. It was indeed a matter of pride to get that call from a friend for the homework. The few minutes over the call felt like the most important moments of the day. We would tell a lot of people later of the phonecall we received, the matter of discussion and the marathon of few minutes we talked.

I believe that we have all accepted a robotic lifestyle where we have all the time for Facebooking and Tweeting than for personal relationships. We are busy in adding friends on Facebook than adding shades to our real life. We prefer following people on Twitter than to follow our loved ones around us. We have created a virtual world and enjoy using ‘unreal’ Emoticons instead of emotions to express ourselves. We have thus created a gap in these two lives.
That day gave me a chance to evaluate the difference between a life with modern technology and a day without it. It gave me a chance to realize the dusted hidden memories. In my childhood, I would get ready at 4pm and wait for the Auto-Wallah to pick me up for my Music Classes. Back then, I had the patience to wait for him if he was late by a few minutes. But now, I have turned impatient. If I were to wait for anyone at a given time, I would end up buzzing that person umpteen number of times until he/she reached the spot. And if it was the Ola Cab, I would shoot an email of the “physical strain” caused to me by the late driver, and ensure an apology note!

While I told this to Ashish, he was uploading content on SnapChat “Busy with chachu!!” Like most people, I would argue that technology has been a boon to mankind and rightly so. But too much of dependence on it can have repercussions, I believe.  But to be very honest, I was also quite curious to know the number of missed calls and SMSes reflecting on my phone when I got back the phone ;)

Friday, 13 March 2015

Apna Zamaana Gaya?

“Hello Chacha, please save this number” is what my 7 year young nephew Ashish recently messaged me on WhatsApp from his iPhone6 gifted by my cousin on his birthday; which according to Ashish was “a common thing” amongst his peers. I was stunned! When I was seven, I probably had to ask my parents before making a phonecall from the landline; which also was not a common device in my neighborhood.

This incident happened in April 2014, one of the laziest months I have ever lived. After having taken science stream in class-11, pursuing an Engineering course & then doing an MBA from a prestigious institute; I had done all what an Indian parent might want from their child. Oh yes, I got an MNC job from the campus placements and since it asked me to join in July 2014, I had three long months to do absolutely nothing in life. Ofcourse I had the Lok Sabha elections to follow; but then I would have done it anyways.

So yes, when my nephew messaged me, I was taken aback. I called up his father i.e. my cousin brother and asked him why is he spoiling the kid? He was “bhai kaunse zamaane mei hai? Apna zamaana gaya!” I somehow enjoyed the life where friends didn’t mean a Facebook profile, friendship didn’t mean a “Like” and games didn’t mean the Mobile Apps. There are few things which people only of the 1990’s might understand because “Apna zamaana mazedaar thaa” :)

A new beginning...!

In India, there are two types of people:
1) Study by Choice
2) Study by No-Choice

The first category is simple - they love flirting with books! The second category too loves flirting, but when it comes with books - the life becomes messy. (Un)Fortunately, I fall in the latter. We study, rote, copy, paste, and adopt all ways to clear exams. Some of us get lucky and become Graduates. Some (un)lucky ones like me do it more and become Post Graduates. And at the end we are puzzled, was this worth it? Is this what I wanted? Sadly, it takes us a quarter of life to realize this. At this stage, life gives two options:

1) Live by the flow
2) Leave the flow

Again, I am in the second category. This blogspot is dedicated to the author in me(really??). It is actually dedicated to all those who do not realize where life is headed towards and are trying to not settle down in the busy corporate metro-city lives. There are so many happy days in the office when you feel it to be better than college life, and you too perceive your family's "Settled and Get Married Soon" decision to be correct. When we know that a desk job is not the end of life, we need to constantly remind ourselves to not get used to the flow.

I firmly believe that the human potential comes in the worst of the times and nothing like smooth transition exists :)